Is this true ?????


hehehe… Really I see my friend vicchu doing this daily in the room…..:-)

Is this true with u toooooo ???


7 thoughts on “Is this true ?????

  1. For the past 6 months I doing this… will keep the alarm by 6 and wake up by 8…

    Sometimes I used to throw the alarm…

    I don’t know whether it is true or not… but for me it is happening & everytime I hate to do that (still trying out)…

    HE! HE! HE!

  2. @vicchu… I know da… u really love to do tat… But pity of the person sleeping near u….

    @srini… This happens with many I think… even it happens with me many time… the little nap after each alarm wud be nice…

  3. Once u are used to that… u will get addicted…. then u will never be able to get up at the first alarm sound….. Trying to get out of this habit, but in vain… As i said im addicted now… 😉

  4. I’ve been doin this since i joined college….especially if its a cold morning or if it is raining outside…i cant help myself to put my blankets away…n i sleep in bed until im sure that i wont be able to attend my mornin classes….
    Its becomin obsessive …

  5. @arun…

    I use to do it a lot during my exam times da… Now-a-days not much… But I remember the arun, who use to wake up early in the morning and disturb my sleep in kovilpatti house… Hope u too remember that…

    I was trying to comments at ur posts in ur blog da… Most of times, when I browse thro ur blog, I wud be in office… In office there is a silly firewall, that always block the comments page.. but it allows the blog pages to read… a cracky techie stuf… all ur posts are good to read da… u bring the happening live thro ur words n narration… keep writing da…

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