Gmail Redesigned!!!

Hey… If u have a Gmail account, Google gotta new feature for u to xperience.. Now U should be able to see a new tab “Themes” in settings… U can customize the look and feel of ur gmail by selecting any of the themes listed over there… Now u can make ur inbox claasy n colorful…

If a feature comes from Google, there must be some creativity for sure… Yep.. Here also comes a cool creativity in this feature… When U select a theme, u’ll be prompted to specify the country and the city… Some theme’s look n feel feel will keep changing during the day and these changes are correctly timed with the local sunrise, sunset, and weather of your country and city… And the theme gets applied to login page too in that machine…

This is how the Themes UI looks like…


Dude… Y still waiting???  Go ‘n’ pick ur theme….

Also, dont forget to check out the link


4 thoughts on “Gmail Redesigned!!!

  1. @arun…

    I’m using the mountains theme da… If you peep into google labs, u can see more such experiements going on… Even u can experience those experiements too…

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