An Ode to Kamal Hassan…

Hey folks… Being a diehard fan of Kamal Hassan, I was having a wish to write about him in my blog for a long time… Today I would like to make that wish come true by writing this post as a tribute to Padmashree Kamal Hassan… You may ask me what’s special today… yes, today is Kamal Hassan’s birthday… He is stepping into his 54th year… He has asked his fans to refrain from celebrations this year, for the reason that he do not want to celebrate his birthday during the time when many Srilankan Tamils are having a hell of time in their homeland…


What a great person he is… He cannot be limited within the boundary of just an actor… He has gone miles beyond this image… Made his debut as a child artist… Trained him by joining in stage dramas… Worked as assistants to dance masters and stunt masters… Acted as co-artist… Promoted to the role of Hero… He has not stopped here… We have seen him as a writer, director, singer, dancer, producer… It is not that he has just entered each and every works in the field of Cinema… But also proved his proficiency in all that works…

In this post, I would like to tell you about 10 greatest films of Kamal Hassan films that I loved most… Don’t ask me with surprise that “Do u love only 10 films of Kamal???”… I really love and admire all his films… But here, I am going to mention 10 films out of that… I’m not ranking these films in any order… I just write in some random order hereunder…


This is a master piece from the duo of Kamal Hassan and Maniratnam. The film revolves around the life of an underworld don “Velu Nayakar”. In this film, we can see kamal really living the character of “Velu Nayakar”, travelling the period from youth to an old man.


This movie has lot of special credentials. This movie has brought the 2nd National Award to Kamal Hassan. “Nayagan” have been officially nominated for the Oscar Award. This film also got enlisted in the All-TIME 100 Greatest World Movies, compiled by Time Magazine.

Salangai Oli:

This is the movie dubbed from its telugu version “Sagara Sangamam”, directed by K.Viswanath. The life of a person who have a great passion for the art of dance, but unsuccessful in his carrier and the way he gives life to dance even after his death was excellently recorded in this movie.


Kamal have showed his excellent classical dance skills and outstanding acting performance in this movie.  Kamal Hassan brings out the longings of an artist to get the recognition and rewards for his passion towards dance live through his brilliant acting.

Pesum Padam:


This is really a movie that could be done only by the one who mastered the art of acting. It was directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao and the specialty is that there is no dialogue in this movie. Kamal has proved to the world that the feeling of love, humor, vengeance, sadness, and disappointment can be shown just only thro expressions without speaking out a word, through his great acting skills. This is a must watch movie.



This is a film that helped the audience to know about the dedication and acting skills of Kamal Hassan. It was directed by Santhana Bharathy and this is a love story of a mentally ill person. This is an excellent movie, but the mass made its journey to failure. It’s a real treat for the Kamal fans.

Kamal Hassan has proved again after “16 Vayathinile” that a hero can score the mark even with a deglamorised look by delivering the hard work and performance.

Thevar Magan:

This is the movie that was crafted excellently by Kamal Hassan using his story, screenplay and dialogue. This movie has the credit of having two big acting giants “Sivaji Ganesan” & “Kamal Hassan” in it. Kamal performed the terrific role of Sakthi, an ordinary person, who then steps into the shoes of Devar, pushed by situations.


Kamal Hassan brings out the liveliness of the “Thevar” community through his speaking and appearance. He has brilliantly showed the importance of education and humanity over casteism in this movie.

“Thevar Magan” also made its Indian official entry for the Oscars. Kamal also have the credit of getting the first ever National Award for Sivaji ganesan through this film. And the film got the National Award for the Best Regional Film.


This is another different attempt made by Kamal and P.C.Sriram, remaking the hindi film “Drohkaal”. This film has made a new benchmark for the action films, though it initially got critical reception. The film tells the story of two policemen who fight to curb terrorism, and how the fear of losing their family is disturbing to do their duty.


This is the movie that has no song sequence in it. This movie is also the official Indian Nominee for the Oscars. The masterpieces are the conversations that happen between Kamal and Naseer in this movie. This movie brilliantly shows how a policemen’s personal and professional life getting affected by each other.

Hey Ram:

A movie through which the actor Kamal Hassan made his directorial debut. This is a period movie that deals with contemporary but universal themes such as history, politics, its events, the then mindset, culture and the social impact of those in our country. This is one of the films that received a lot of critics all over the world. But the film has broken all the critics.


The movie move over Partition of India, Hindu- Muslim problem, Politics of the Maharaja’s, religious hatred among people,  People’s different perceptions on Gandhiji and his principles, and many other contemporary things. In this film, the director Kamal outplayed the actor Kamal. In many places, he just used the happenings and expressions around to convey what he wanted to tell.

Though this movie is not a commercial success, it was accepted as one of the Best Indian Films of all time by many famous film critics. If the movie has been made now, it’s for sure that it would have been a great success. The movie was a decade advanced to the then Indian audience that made them reluctant to understand it.

Anbe Sivam – Love is God:


A movie that came from the Atheist avatar of Kamal Hassan. The story, screenplay and dialogue was done by Kamal Hassan and directed by Sundar.C. It’s a classic melodrama that really outplayed every other movie of this genre. Kamal through this movie has kindled the thoughts of millions of audience.

The movie travels with a series of thought clashes between the atheist, handicapped communist Nalla Sivam(Kamal Hassan) and the young advertisement filmmaker Anbarasu(Madhavan), when they travel from Orissa to Chennai. Though they differ in their ideologies, the good hearted nature of both makes a feeling of brotherhood between ’em.

More than an atheist film, it tells us “God is there and it is nothing but Love”.  Kamal Hassan has narrated the story backing global ideologies of Cummunism, atheism, love, globalization, and capitalization in his own style, leaving lot of things to learn from the Indian perspective. Kamal also have rendered his marvelous voice to the song “Anbe Sivam…”



This is one another film product of the Director Kamal Hassan. In this movie, Kamal has introduced the new concept of storytelling that can be compared to that being handled in Hollywood. The story narration of the same incident in two different angles or perceptions proves the directorial talent of Kamal Hassan.

The director avatar was well supported by the acting, slang and region like appearance of actor Kamal.The film also deals about the controversy of death penalty, ground water importance and casteism problems. The Madurai region specific language, culture and environment was delivered by the brilliant direction and acting of Kamal Hassan.


This is a movie that makes your heart heavy, after watching the film. The movie was directed by Santhana Bharathy and screenplay & story by Kamal Hassan. This movie bagged the National Award for the Best Feature Film in Tamil.


The movie portrays the struggles in the life of a widower Krishnaswamy (Kamal Hassan), who moves from village to city, with a dream to make a good future for his children. Kamal have given his brilliant performance bringing out the much needed emotional outbreak of a cheated innocent villager, lost businessman, pitty father seeing his daughter in a brothel house, angry man taking revenge against the cheaters.

The movie received a good review from the movie critics for its narration and kamal’s performance. This movie also deals with the problem of child sex workers and young girls getting pushed into flesh trade.

Atlast, The things that I have told are just my views about these 10 films of Kamal Hassan, but not their reviews…   While reading about this post, you would have think that I have missed many of the greatest films of Kamal. Yes… U r right… Unnal Mudiyum Thambi, Varumayin Niram Sigappu,  16 Vayathinile,Punnagai Maanan, Ninaithale Inikum, Sigappu Rojakkal,  Ek Tujhe Ke liye, Sathya, MMKR, Indian, Sathi Leelavathi, Nammavar,  Avvai Shanmugi, Raja Paarvai, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, Dasavatharam… The list keeps goes on… But what to do friends… while starting the post, I thought of writing about 10 films… I just wrote about the first 10 films that came into my mind… Surely I will be writing another post with more movies in future…

Thro’ this post, I would like to wish “All the Very Best” for his next venture “Marmayogi”… And lets wish him a long long years of healthy life to prove his talents to this world…


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