” Kashmir : India vs. Pakistan ” – Part 1

Its Friday morning in office.. Usually Friday office hours will get over very quick for me.. It is the same 9 hours every day.. But as the next two days are going to be off, Friday gets over soon… As I opened my mailbox, there comes a pop-up that you have 18 emails to read… There were some important office mails from my lead… But my mouse pointer moved on to the forward email that my friend has sent me…

In that email, there are pictures of some men burning the Tricolor National Flag of India and hoisting the Pakistan Flag in the state capital of Kashmir … Seeing this email, I felt bad… Just thought for a moment, what’s the reason for this? My mind said… Hey fool… It is the “Kashmir Issue” man!! I told myself yes…

But soon I had another thought that what this Kashmir Issue is all about and from where the issue started… I haven’t got any answer from my mind except that it is an issue between the countries India and Pakistan… So I started to explore the “Kashmir Issue” and is my exploration…

India partitioned…

To get the root of this cause, we need to travel back to the period of 1947, when the India became independent from Britain. After Independence, the Indian subcontinent went through a painful partition into two dominions India and Pakistan. At that point of time, the rulers of 565 princely states (about two fifth of India) had to decide which of the dominions to join, India or Pakistan.

Maharaja Hari Singh, the Ruler of the State of Jammu & Kashmir

India - Kashmir - Pakistan
India - Kashmir - Pakistan



As the state of Jammu and Kashmir had a vital economic and cultural relation with both the dominions, the then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh wanted time to decide whether to join with either of the Dominion or to stand Independent, being friendly with both India and Pakistan. Until this decision to be made, he wanted a Standstill Agreement that allows uninterrupted trade, travel and communication, with both the dominions. The dominion Pakistan accepted this agreement, but India wanted to have discussions with Hari Singh’s government, before signing it.

 Law & Order detoriates in Kashmir…

Before arranging the meeting with the Indian Government, Hari singh faced a lot of troubles in the state. In October 1947, the mass infiltrates from North-West Frontier part of Pakistan created Law & Order problems, kidnapped and raped number of women, burnt the Mahora powerhouse supplying electric current to Srinagar. There had been persistent reports of communal violence against Muslims in the state and, supported by the Pakistani Government, they were eager to precipitate its accession to Pakistan. The Pakistan Radio even put out a story that a Provinsional Government had been set up in Kashmir.

 Hari Singh’s Letter to Mountbatten…

Because of the increasing troubles and scare of Pakistan invasion, Maharaja Hari Singh requested armed assistance from India. The then Governor-General, Lord Mountbatten suggested that if the state were to accede to India, the situation would be better. He also suggested that this accede to be temporary prior to a “plebiscite- : a vote by which the people of an entire country or district express an opinion for or against a proposal especially on a choice of government or ruler”.

Check Out the letter… Maharaja Hari Singh’s Letter to Lord Mountbatten

 Hari Singh signs Instrument of Accession with India…

After having these discussions though the written form of letter, Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession with India, which states that India’s jurisdiction was to be extended to external affairs, defense and communications of the state. Official Indian accounts state that Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession, with V P Menon, representative of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on October 26.1947. On the morning of 27 October, Indian troops were airlifted into Srinagar. The Indian Government took over the control of two third of the state, whereas the remaining part were under the control of Pakistan intruders (Now called as POK-Pakistan occupied Kashmir). 

In 1949 Maharaja Hari Singh was obliged by the Government of India to leave the state and hand over the government to Sheikh Abdullah. He died in Bombay on 1962.

Kashmir – India vs. Pakistan game begins…

Pakistan immediately opposed the accession, suggesting that it was fraudulent, that the Maharaja acted under compulsion and that he had no right to sign an agreement with India when the standstill agreement with Pakistan was still in force. Pakistan also argued that because Hari Singh fled from the valley of Kashmir, he was not in control of his state and therefore not in a position to take a decision on behalf of his people.

Indians argue that the Maharaja did choose to accede to India and he was not under compulsion. On the basis of his accession, India claims ownership of the entire state which includes the approximately one-third of the territory currently administered by Pakistan.

Here the game “Kashmir – India vs. Pakistan” started… But still going on ruining the lives of thousands of innocents… Those people, who lived as affectionate as brothers and sisters before Independence, are fighting with each other for a piece of land…

Since it is a sensitive issue, I did put up the contents on the board after gathering true information as much as possible… I welcome your comments and opinions, If you find anything wrong or if you have any other info to say…  

In my coming posts, I’ll screen out the further happenings of the Kashmir Issue… Keep watching the blog… Have a Good Day…

 Also, dont forget to check out the link https://balasrini.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/help-this-guy-to-get-a-life


7 thoughts on “” Kashmir : India vs. Pakistan ” – Part 1

  1. hi rajus..
    when i was goin thro this post…i remembered a mail i received a few months before…here it is…

    An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly that made the world community smile.

    A representative from India began: ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Rishi Kashyap of Kashmir, after whom Kashmir is named. When he struck a rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath.’

    He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water.

    When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Pakistani had stolen them.’

    The Pakistani representative jumped up furiously and shouted, ‘What are you talking about? The Pakistanis weren’t there then.’

    The Indian representative smiled and said, ‘And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.’

    *And they say Kashmir belongs to them …*


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