My 1st Post – A tribute to Great Doctor Parents of Hithenthran…

Hey Friends..  Here is my first post… I would like to dedicate this first post as a tribute to the parents of Hithenthran… You may think that y this fellow is dedicating to some other guy’s parents instead of his own…  To realize the greatness of this parent, jus read below…

Hithenthran is the 15 yr old son of the doctor parents Dr.Ashokan and Pushpanjali.  On Sep 24 2008, Hithenthran when travelling in his fathers bike, met with an accident. Then his parents were informed by the Apollo Hospital doctors that their sons brain has lost all his senses and there is no way to save his life.

Jithenthran, his parents and the doctor carrying Jithenthran’s heart in the ice box.

Photo: Hithenthran, his parents and the doctor carrying Hithenthran’s heart in the ice box.


In that critical situation, the parents understood the fact that they can donate his sons organs to the needy people and see him alive in those people. They took the toughest decision of their life to donate his still alive sons organs.

Hithendran’s eyes were donated to Sankara Nethralaya, liver and kidneys were retained and harvested at Apollo Hospitals, where he was admitted, and his bone marrow would be banked for treatment of cancer patients. The final miracle is that, the heart should be transplanted within 30 minutes after which it is removed and also it has to be transported to the Cherian Hospital travelling 20 Km. So the team of doctors of both hospitals planned along with the Chennai City Police and prepared the ambulance with air conditions.

The heart was removed from Hithenthrans alive body and placed in a ice box. The boys heart accompanied by the doctor, hitendran’s father and Assistant Commisioner of Police started from Apollo Hospital in the Police car. Thanks to the Chennai City Police, the car reached the Cherians Hospital in 11 mins, with the traffics signals were cleared all along the way as per planned.

In the cherian hospital, the heart was transplanted to a 6 yr old needy girl, by Dr.Cherian, who is doing the second Heart Transplantation Surgery.  So the end of Hithenthrans life lead to a beginning of new life to 5 or six needy people. His parents see his dear son thro these people after his death.

We could see the God down to earth in people like Hithenthrans parents. Only because of people like this, this world is still alive.. This great parent given a new hope, new life to the people around them.. Hats off to the great parent.. Lets pray for the departed soul of Hithenthran..

I think that we have got to lean something from the people we come accross in our life. From this incident, 

  • Let us donate our organs and not take our valuable organs like eyes,kidney,lungs and heart with us to heaven,
  • Lets spread the awareness of organ donation among others, and
  • Lets wear the helmet when we drive two wheelers.
Atlast, do you know the meaning of the name “Hithenthran? It s meaning is a person who will steal other’s heart, a wellwisher....  Now he has stolen everyones heart..

15 thoughts on “My 1st Post – A tribute to Great Doctor Parents of Hithenthran…

  1. உன் கண்கள் மூடிகொண்டாலும்
    உலகமே இன்று உன்னை பார்கின்றது ..
    God bless ur family hithendran ….

  2. Thanks babu for giving this valuable information.

    Even i too have a same minded parents they will do this If I AM DEAD.

    I Love my parents.

  3. Really he stole other’s heart including mine; only few has the heart of gold, but hithendran’s parents heart are more than gold.

    I will never forget this post.

    Nice info bala!

  4. Thanks Srini… All are born with golden hearts only… But we are spoiling it over our life time… Let’s leave back whatever we can when we leave this world…

  5. @Jyoti , @Shankar…
    Yes… we still have such people in earth… This parents has created a big awareness now… Today read a news that a wife has donated his husband’s organ, after he has been declared as brain dead… Lets spread this awareness…

  6. Yes bala! all are born with golden heart.

    When I donated my eye I felt very happy but from this post I came to know that we can donate other organs too; let see what I can do once I am back to India.

  7. @srini
    Really I also felt some kinda happiness, when I registered myself for the eye donation… Other organs could be donated in case of only brain death… Last week saw a news that a wife has donated his husband’s organs, who is brain dead… she really got inspired by this parent…

    1. @ Rashmi
      That parent’s one of the motives of doing this might be the thought to spread the awareness among the people… So I just inked this post to help them for that noble cause..

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